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1st Day of ChemoMonday, June 29th 2015 - Naomi's First Day of Chemo

Meet Naomi

Naomi is a fun-loving, spunky, blonde haired, blue eyed 11 year old girl. Her life revolves around her family, dancing, her church, friends, Taylor Swift, and anything exciting and fun. Naomi is a sparkle in the lives of those she meets. Although she is the youngest of 5, her sass and attitude keep her center stage in her parent's life. She loves to love and her hugs would warm up even the coldest of hearts.

On June 25th this sweet little girl’s life was changed forever. Naomi went through a lot of different tests to see what was wrong with her body. She was bruising, and her blood vessels were breaking easily. During the testing she stayed strong.

After being diagnosed with AML, her dad told her:

"You are going to be okay."

and she responded:

"I know... I'm worried about Mom."

Regardless of the chemotherapy treatments she is receiving, her personality shines through. She continues to crack unexpected jokes and leave us all laughing. Her room is always full of friends and family who love being around her.

"Sometimes superheroes reside in the heart’s of small children fighting big battles."